Buying and managing a second home from outside the area or the UK can be a very frustrating experience.

If you are not “on the ground” daily, you will miss out on the best properties. Planning a viewing trip to find nothing suitable is a waste of valuable time. Without local market knowledge and experience, many buyers end up overpaying. Not having local industry connections often means you will not even get to see the best properties.

The Buying Agents handle every aspect of acquiring a second home, from conducting the initial search to managing the property between stays. Our process is tailored to your specific situation to ensure the most efficient use of your time. We will provide access to every suitable property both on and off-market.

We can arrange every component of your inspection trip if required or liaise with your team to ensure a seamless schedule. For example, your visit may be a dedicated viewing day/trip or to coincide the inspections with a business trip or holiday.

We will conduct a full property search and maintain an up-to-date shortlist of suitable properties before your visit. Our bespoke system allows private connections from anywhere in the world to view the shortlisted properties at your convenience. The system contains everything you need to assess each property and sends instant alerts when new options are available. It is fully interactive, so we know exactly what you like and do not like. This technology gives our clients a competitive advantage that enables them to act quickly with greater levels of insight.

Please feel free to contact The Buying Agents to arrange a quick no-obligation consultation. We are available 24/7 by appointment.

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