Property Investment

The Buying Agents have over 30 years of experience in property investment. Our expertise covers single units, blocks, and large portfolios.

We offer a highly personalised and confidential service to every client. Our clients include private clients, family offices, private banks, wealth managers and trusts.

Photo of an investment property in london

Wealth Creation

The Buying Agents provide various investment property services to create wealth through property with minimal input. Our service can be integrated into your existing team of advisors to provide the search and acquisition function. Alternatively, we can assemble a team of proven specialists and manage the entire process for you. Our trusted team of experts can advise you on every aspect of buying, holding, and disposing of property. 

Generational Wealth

Property is a safe, long-term investment. Buying the best property in the most desirable locations at the right price will also ensure high resale demand. In addition, real estate is the ideal vehicle for efficiently transferring wealth to the next generation. Our team of specialist advisors will ensure the most tax-efficient structure for your objectives and timeframes.

Investment Property Search

This is full service search and acquisition service for property investors at all levels. 

New Developments

Access to every new development with a single point of contact throughout. We also look at resales in popular sold-out developments.

Unbroken Blocks

Block purchases are a convenient way to own and manage multiple assets in one transaction. It also allows the owner to control the rents in the building.

Freehold Buildings

Freehold ownership grants the investor complete control over the property and land, eliminating any associated restrictions and concerns.

Mixed Use

Mixed-use reduces the reliances on a single tenant type to decrease void periods. Transactions also benefit from a lower non-residential rate of stamp duty and land tax.

Please feel free to contact us to discus your investment objectives or call anytime. 

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