Access all new developments in London with a single point of contact for the entire purchase process. 

A new development in London

All new developments

Unlike estate agents, The Buying Agents have access to every property development on the market. A property developer must instruct an estate agent to sell the project. If you want to compare the best new developments for your situation, you may have to contact as many as 20 different agents. As we represent the buyer, we do not need instructions. We can show you any property in any development that fits your brief. As a result, only The Buying Agents can offer you truly impartial advice. We will ensure you buy the best property for you and not what the agent wants to sell you.

First choice

The demand for super-prime new developments is always high. There can be intense competition for the best units. It is not uncommon for a new project to be launched simultaneously in many different countries on the same day. However, new laws dictate that the developers must launch any new developments first in the UK. As a result, UK buyers get a minimum of one day’s head start on the rest of the world. As we will be managing the transaction, all our clients fall into the UK category, no matter where you live. In addition, given our excellent reputation with luxury property developers, we often receive unit details before the launch day. Consequently, we can advise our clients on the best units before launch. On the day, it is simply a matter of sending the paperwork and reservation deposit to secure the property. 

Best advice

There is a vast difference in purchasing new developments off plan for personal use compared to investment. Therefore, it is essential to understand all the factors to consider for each situation. The Buying Agents MD, Henry Sherwood, has over 30 years of experience buying and selling off-plan property worldwide. Receiving the best advice enables our clients to make informed decisions to secure the most desirable units quickly. In addition, having an experienced buying agent is essential to take full advantage of soft, pre-launch and launch incentives. 

We advise on all aspects of purchasing off-plan property.

Phasing of project delivery.
Buying Off-plan vs built.
Negotiating incentives for multiple purchases.
The developer’s sales strategies.
Purchasing the best units for personal/investment.
Yield driven off-plan purchases.
Rental strategies on completion to prevent void periods.
Finance and refinancing off-plan property London.
What to avoid with re-sale in mind?
Re-sale and exit strategies.

Services for new developments in London

Project evaluation and comparison
Video tours and live virtual tours
Unit and block analysis
Launch day representation
Transaction management & conveyancing
Snagging and pre-completion checks
Rental and property management
Active portfolio management
Interior design & Staging
Letting and property management
Valuation and disposal

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us below to arrange a convenient time to speak. 

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