The Buying Agents property acquisition service is for anyone who already has a specific property in mind. You may wish to remain anonymous or rely on our experience for the greatest chance of success. In either case, we will act on your behalf to manage the entire acquisition and purchase process.

Clients opting for this service typically fall into one or more of the following categories.

Want to remain anonymous
Value the best chance of securing the property
Want to secure the property at the best possible price
Are unable to make a viewing or launch event
Buying directly from the owner or through an online agent
Would like an independent party to negotiate on their behalf

We will view and video the property on your behalf. If suitable, we can also conduct a live virtual viewing so you can see the property when we preview it. Then we conduct full due diligence, price analysis and compile a detailed report before agreeing on an acquisition strategy. Once the purchase is agreed, we will manage the entire purchase process and organise any additional services.

Please contact The Buying Agents to discuss your situation in total confidence.

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