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London property search can be highly time-consuming. In addition, it can be very frustrating if you are not successful in securing the best properties. Therefore, retaining a buying agent is essential for any buyer motivated by results. Finding a suitable property can also be a full-time job with as many as 50 estate agents covering a single postcode.


Engaging an experienced London property search agent will strengthen your position as a buyer with estate agents. A good buying agent will also give you first access to properties before they reach the open market. Estate agents know property search agents only represent serious buyers. As a result, they are first on the call list when they have access to any new instructions.

London property acquisition is highly competitive. The slightest advantage over other buyers can be the difference between success and failure. The UK property industry is also one of the only unregulated markets of a developed nation. As a result, the purchase process is fraught with potential issues. A good London property search agent will have years of experience in this market. Therefore, they will identify potential problems and avert related situations before they arise. Approximately 30% of all agreed sales do not exchange contracts or complete. A large proportion of these fall throughs are avoidable with the right experience and advice.

The Buying Agents are a multi-award winning buying agency with 30 years of experience buying and selling property in London. A good London property search agent should also have experience as an estate agent. It is essential to understand the process from both sides of the transaction fully. All our consultants come from corporate property backgrounds, so they are fully accustomed to providing professional advice to discerning property buyers.

Please do not hesitate to contact The Buying Agents for further information on our property search service.

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